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Government Schemes​

National Childcare Scheme (NCS)


Introduced to October 2019, NCS was devised to provide childcare assistance to all families.  Broken into two types of subsidy-

  1. Universal subsidy- is for any child under 3 years who is not on the ECCE scheme.  This is not means tested.

  2. Income Assessed Subsidy – for any child under 15 years. This is means tested.

Once the application process is completed via myGovid portal, parents will receive a CHICK code, this needs to be brought directly to management so we can place your child on our system.  


NCS Parent Helpline: 01 9068530


Early Childhood Care & Education programme (ECCE)

Promoting the introduction of the education system the ECCE programme is designed for children aged from 2 years 8 months up until 5 years.  Running over a 76-week period, the programme normally runs from the end of August to the middle of June over a 2 year period.  For any child who is eligible, the state pays a capitation fee to participating services for parents to avail of the free 3.5 hour session over a five day period. 



Please click the button below to see your child’s eligibility:

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