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Preschool 1

(2 years 8 months - 3.5 years)​

Welcome to our Preschool 1.  Encouraging fine and gross motor skills our aim is to help promote independence and give children the essential skills to be fully competent and confident learners before entering a more formal educational environment.  Through the use of semi-structured activities and free-play we encourage children to be independent thinkers while also promoting children to elongate their concentration skills.  Based on emergent and enquiry-based interests, our early year's educators plan activities solely on the children’s interests.

In order to document their learning progress, personalised portfolios are kept on-site which parents are more than welcome to view at any stage of their development.  

This room operates on an 11:1 ratio.

“Fly a kite, Jump in puddles, Climb trees, Lie in the grass, Build a fort, Pretend, Catch fireflies, Run Barefoot, Play in the rain, Imagine, Make mudpies, DREAM BIG”  

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