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At Kells Early Years we are committed to developing a curriculum that creates a child centred environment in line with the Aistear Framework. Read more…

We are a play-based facility offering aspects of Steiner, Froebelian and High Scope, that enables young children to actively pursue their own learning. Our team of staff are dedicated to this, and in planning our activities and curriculum we look at all the developmental areas of child development (physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social). We provide a mix of adult and child led activities.

Planning Programmes


The curriculum of Kells Early Years is holistic and play based inspired by the inquiring minds and emergent interests of each individual child, which is underpinned by Aistear.  We believe that children will actively learn best when they are given ample opportunities to Play.  Outdoor play is encouraged on a daily basis.  The playrooms have allocated areas which include:

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