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Preschool 2

(3.5 years 8 months - 5 years)​

Welcome to our Preschool 2.  As your child becomes a more a confident and competent learner; Preschool 2 encourages a more structured approach through play building on pre-existing skills such as concentration, fine and gross motor skills.  By doing so, the child’s holistic development will be complete as they prepare for their transition to big school.  Providing sessional ECCE services in our local primary school, outings into our main facility allow the children to participate in our fun outdoor programme such as “Mini Wilders”.  This programme is held in the facilities back field and encourages children to use their imagination whilst playing with natural materials. 

"Let me be young. Let me be free. Let me jump high. Let me be me. Let me be silly. Let me dress funny. Let me play when it rains and when it is sunny. Let me ask questions and answer me why. Let me fall down. Wipe my tears when I cry. Led me make choices. Listen to what I say. Let me laugh. Let me sing. Let me dance. Let me play. Soon enough, I will grow and los all my wild. So for today, please let me be a child."


(Kim Uliana)

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